Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week in Review

95 miles
8 runs
21-mile long run
17-mile medium long run
7 days at home

After opening up with a 21-mile Monday and another planned 16-18 miler come Sunday, this could've easily been one of my highest mileage weeks ever. Instead, my coach had other plans. A firm 90-95 was written as the upper limit on my schedule, and once I acquiesced and allowed myself to relinquish my 100+ streak, it was actually quite enjoyable. In fact, to ensure that I didn't go over the prescribed mileage, I found myself having to cut back a ridiculous amount during the week. I only doubled once, a very easy lunchtime jog with a co-worker on Friday--normally I double four or occasionally even five times per week--and several days saw only a measly "8" or "10" written in my mileage log. This led to a curious paradox of mentally and even physically feeling as though I were indulging in a down week, when in reality the quantity was still respectable and the quality was the most I've done thus far in the training cycle. Overall I'm pleased with every aspect of this week--my mileage self-restraint, my workout and long run execution, my quick post-workout recovery, my pumpkin donut choice after today's long run--and I'm excited to see it all translate to a wicked fast Army 10 Miler one week from now!