Sunday, October 7, 2012

Philly Training: Week #2 in Review

103 miles
11 runs
15-mile "long" run
4 days in Atlanta
5 AFDs

This week wasn't quite as successful as week #1 in terms of following my prescribed training to the letter; I only earned a (self-assessed) B- for my workout progression on Wednesday, then completely missed a scheduled wave tempo and long run that were supposed to take place over the weekend. This could hardly be helped given my hectic travel and event schedule which involved me working late on Friday and Saturday and starting well before sunrise on Sunday morning, but unfortunately the marathon clock does not award bonus time for legitimate excuses. Lucky for me, Christopher Columbus managed to royally eff things up but somehow still earn Americans everywhere a much-needed day off on Monday--so I plan to travel into the city tomorrow morning and knock out my first 20-miler of the training cycle, albeit a day late, then stick around and do some Tufts 10k spectating. With no travel planned next week, I hope to get back into somewhat of a "normal" schedule and check off every possible training and recovery box.

One thing's for sure, with a bevvy of of inspiring race performances this weekend at Chicago, Twin Cities, the BAA Half and everywhere in between (special shout-out to Pezz for a mind-boggling 2:32:42 debut and top three American placing at Chicago), I'm more focused than ever on achieving my best possible race performance six weeks from now.