Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week in Review

100 miles
11 runs
15-mile long run
3 Frappuccinos
4 AFDs

For the third time in four weeks, I've cracked the 100-mile barrier. Actually, taken together, this four-week stretch represents my highest mileage month ever at 390. The best part is, I can honestly say that this week I've felt fresh and strong while also managing to incorporate a good amount of quality work, from an uptempo 13-miler with Jordan to start the week to Tuesday night's strides at the Triangle to the two tempo efforts I detailed in earlier posts. Of course I've had mornings where I felt tired and sluggish and had to fight every instinct in my body to force myself out the door, but I can't think of a run all week where I haven't finished feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I feel as though I've finally turned a corner and my body is really adapting to this summer volume.

All of that said, I'm going to listen to my coach's advice and take a proactive down week next week. It's been on my schedule all along, and given my injury history it makes complete sense for me to throttle back a bit and allow my body to recuperate even though nothing feels amiss. Philly is still many moons away, so I should take advantage of these rest weeks while I can. If anything, this break will only fuel my fire to ramp things up again and set an even higher mileage goal for the month of August!


mfranks said...

Nice month lady! Keep it up. Love reading your updates.