Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week in Review

90 miles
11 runs
13 mile medium-long run
1 Frappuccino
5 AFDs

Well, as you can see, my triple-digit streak has come to an abrupt halt. Ironically, while Caitlin wrote an entry praising my high mileage endeavors, she actually ended up outpacing me for a change this week. Things started off strong, and as hoped/predicted my level of fatigue finally normalized by mid-week. I coasted comfortably through a medium-long run on Thursday and by Friday's double had amassed a respectable 72 miles. But alas, what started with a bang ended with a whimper. Saturday was a planned easy 10-miler before spending the rest of the day buying/transporting/unloading/assembling furniture with Jordan and his dad, who'd graciously flown over from sunny San Diego to spend the weekend helping us make our new loft habitable. At that point, I was all set to bang out a 2+ hour long run on Sunday, thus solidifying my third consecutive week at 100+. Instead, it was not meant to be. We ended up dealing with an unexpected minor emergency on Sunday morning--not to worry, all is fine now--which effectively wiped out the entire morning and, thus, the anticipated long run. Fortunately, this summer's training is nothing if not flexible, so Jordan and I just made do with a quick easy jog on Sunday afternoon and resolved to push the longer effort to Monday morning. With that, next week's scheduled "down" week of 70-80 miles will simply be pushed out one week farther, allowing me to (hopefully) join the triple digit club once again. I've got to do something to keep justifying my insatiable Frappuccino habit!