Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review

93 miles
30 miles on soft surface
17 mile long run
4 runs in Texas
5 AFDs

Another high mileage week is in the books, but I think it's obvious to everyone that I need some down time! Disappointment over Saturday's race p
lus some lingering calf/shin pain in my right leg plus a jam-packed early week of work in Atlanta means I'll truly be taking it easy this week. This will include--gasp!--a planned day off on Tuesday. A quick review of my blog showed that my last day without running took place during the week of April 18th, so I think I'm due for another one. Tuesday's workday will start early and finish late, which conveniently makes it ideal for respite from pounding the pavement.

That all being said, don't interpret everything above to indicate that I'm giving up on the higher mileage. On the contrary, I firmly believe that the work I'm doing now will pay off come January even if its benefits aren't immediately apparent. After this week I plan to jump right back into the high mileage/moderate intensity training, hopefully with fresh and well-rested legs and a renewed mental outlook. My next major rac
e is 13.1 Minneapolis in five weeks, and with Caitlin by my side I truly believe we can run sub-1:18 given tolerable weather conditions. One down week, four quality weeks of training and then we'll see what these legs can do!

Me, Jordan, Caitlin and Thomas post-race and sans shower at Foothills Brewery.