Friday, June 15, 2012

Half-Ass Pre-Race Update

I realize my blog is in need of a serious update, and to my tens of readers and my dad I sincerely apologize. I've been living on the road, at friends' homes and in Residence Inns across the Midwest for the last nine days and just haven't had time to write a proper entry. During that time I've run in several awesome places and several not-so-awesome places, successfully completed a fartlek or two, and discovered that I can, in fact, still run 13 miles despite not having done so in over a month. The latter was confirmed at 13.1 Chicago last Saturday, in which I did not defend last year's title but did still manage to pocket $500 in spite of an unfortunate (but absolutely, 100% necessary) pit stop. Training is still by no means great, but it's getting there. And as I type this, I'm lounging in mine and Caitlin's hotel room in Duluth preparing for tomorrow's half-marathon national championships. A few weeks ago I didn't think I'd be healthy enough to make it to the starting line, but here I am. I look forward to writing a much more detailed entry after the race, not just about the race itself--although I hope to share the details of my triumphant return--but also about the wonderful job the quaint town of Duluth has done welcoming all of the athletes and making each of us feel like the top-tier elite athletes that only a few people here actually are. Until then, it's time to rest, relax, go for an early bird special dinner and get ready to race!

A special present from the Grandma's staff--they've now officially given me flowers one more time than Jordan.

Contents of the gift bag left in my room by the race committee. Wine! Beef jerky! A piece of chocolate shaped like a shoe!


mfranks said...

Funny, I got flowers today, though also not from my Husband/other half (..better half. We have an agreement (Houston and I), if you want to get me a treat, make it edible.

Good luck Meagan! Enjoy, have fun, run fast!


Nichole Porath said...

I saw your post about the welcome bag on the way up... and was so sad that mine didn't contain the cute smalll bottle of wine (I also didn't get the rose or the chips, in case you were wondering :). Hope this is the start of injury free training and racing for you - keep me posted!

Samantha Winn said...

How did it turn out? I second the above comment (I hope this is one of many injury free races for you).