Friday, September 30, 2011

Back in the ATL

25 min. w/u
Target: 5x2 mins. w/2 mins. jog, getting faster
Actual: Above
20 min. c/d
Total: 9+ miles

I'm back in my former stomping grounds to work 13.1 this weekend and kicked things off with a slumber party at Brooke's. Since I was already downtown, I decided to execute this little mini-workout at one of my all-time favorite training surfaces, the Active Oval in Piedmont Park. Back in the olden days when this blog (and my stab at becoming a serious runner) was in its infancy, I toiled through many a hard effort at the AO. It's hard to beat a flat, gravel half-mile training surface surrounded by skyscrapers right smack dab in the middle of Midtown. As I trotted along today, it was fun to think of some workouts from the summer of 2008 when I really thought I was getting in shape, realizing how far I've progressed since then. I would love nothing more than to come back in a few years and feel the same way about where I am right now! I may be on the doorstep of 30, but I sincerely believe there are many more years of improvement ahead of me. Thanks, AO, for reminding me of this today.